K&H Print – Seattle printing services satisfy printing and mailing clients for 101 years

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Our printing and mailing clients testify to our values

Our guiding principles are not empty words. They are the lifeblood of K&H, the values that drive us every single day of every single week to provide the very best printing and mailing services. It's these values that earn us the never-ending loyalty of clients.


comcastK&H prints 1.1 million letter packs annually for Comcast. We also provide mail fulfillment and data management for customer acquisition and retention.

"I have worked with K&H for 3 years now and have been highly satisfied with the level of commitment they have provided us, and the quality of service that speaks to Comcast's image as a quality and cost-efficient organization. We are partners and the relationship has allowed K&H many opportunities to respond to our changing needs.  The key benefit to working with K&H is that they have a staff of highly qualified and responsible people who have the experience to provide expertise to improve our end product and likewise resolve challenges when they present themselves. They rise to the occasion when we have issues and respond with new ways of improving processes, both internally and externally, with our changing organizational structure. I recommend K&H as an excellent partner for data management, print and direct mail fulfillment.  They are a true partner and we are committed to working with them for the long haul."

- Gina Rose, Database Marketing Manager



ez"K&H Printing has been our primary printing company for several years because we know we can count on getting the highest quality product for a reasonable price. I have nothing but praise for the service, professionalism and great attitude we constantly receive from Phil Bower, April Frazier, Melissa Alexander and the rest of the K&H team. Any printing job can fall short of being perfect once in a while and K&H is not an exception, but what I love about working with Phil and his team on these rare occasions is their quick response to make the problem right; even when the error was my doing.

K&H is continually improving their service to offer more and better services while cutting costs to their customers. Phil and April know how to best utilize the company assets to give the best results at the best price. Their layout technicians have patiently walked me through set up procedures to ensure that my files produce my desired results. They go beyond just printing; they have caught errors that were missed by our editors, contacted me and corrected the error, preventing embarrassment on our part. This is one company that definitely goes beyond the expected. I can honestly say that I would (and I do) recommend K & H Integrated Print Solutions to anyone requiring printing services and recommend Phil Bower as someone to contact for assisting with marketing and sales needs.

I wish all of my vendors were as great to work with and provided exceptional service and quality products."

- Sharon Maloney, Marketing Specialist



"K&H has produced 250 projects for Tracy Locke/NGen Studios and have proven themselves to be partners that uphold their promise of "Perfect & Timely." A number of my projects are time sensitive and require a three to five-day turn time. The K&H team is extremely consistent in providing prompt and flawless delivery.

The key benefit to working with K&H is that their staff is highly qualified and responsive. They have experience and expertise to accurately perform our projects. They always rise to the occasion when we have unique projects, and have responded with new ways to improve processes that support our quick-turnaround needs, while maintaining competitive pricing.

I highly recommend K&H! They have proven to be true partners and we are committed to working with them for the long haul."

- Julie Ray, Account Director, TracyLocke/NGen Studios