Seattle printing services from K&H Print guided by commitment to perfect and timely

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Perfect processes lead to perfect results

atcomputerLiving up to our guiding principles of integrity, vision, perseverance, perfect and timely means having the people, process and firepower to do so on a consistent, predictable basis.

That's why we develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each K&H Print client. Based on a tried-and-true methodology, every SOP is customized to the client, and might include information such as:

  • Schedule and timing for files being delivered
  • People involved
  • Details such as print overages, client samples and special requests
  • Order processing, including detailed step-by-step instructions from proof to print and ship
  • Delivery locations and receiving hours
  • Inventoried and non-inventoried materials

presscheckAn SOP is thought out, methodical and often based on our senior management's discussions with the client about how to handle a project with the utmost efficiency. Using the SOP, a project manager tracks each job, knows where it is any time in the plant, and stays in constant touch with the customer during the process so you always know the current status of your printing or mailing project.

Although standardized, each SOP is specific to the customer's needs. And we constantly review and revamp, making sure the SOP is producing perfect and timely results for you.

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