Seattle printing company K&H Print employees are loyal, committed, devoted

Do your printer's employees clamor for company tattoos?

worker1aWe've heard talk lately of K&H employees wanting the K&H logo as a tattoo. That's how devoted K&H Printers employees are - to the company, to the customers. Granted the tattooing hasn't started yet, but there has been talk…

Even if they choose not to have a K&H logo as a permanent adornment, our employees are loyal, committed and devoted. Some even commute long distances through horrible traffic just to work here. They start here, they stay here, more satisfied working at K&H than any other place they've experienced.

workermailAnd it's not easy at K&H Printers. We demand a lot of our people. They are expected to live up to our five core principles of integrity, vision, perseverance, perfect and timely each and every day. Over time, these values become ingrained in their attitude and work performance.

The result? You will not find another printing company with employees as intensely dedicated as K&H Printers' employees.

The quality of our work proves it.

The loyalty of our customers proves it.

Our 100+ years in the printing business proves it.

Prove it to yourself. Give us a call.