Management Team

Jay-Ackley Jay C. Ackley, Chief Executive Officer
Jay is a seasoned Profit & Loss manager with 30 years of experience in corporate development, managing companies with annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Jay holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Washington and has been employed with K&H since 1994.

Darren Darren L. Loken, President
Darren has a proven record of profitability and growth achieved by aggressively and more efficiently managing companies as well as restructuring under-performing business units in the printing industry. He has served successfully as General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and President / CEO in both small companies and in divisions of larger corporations.  As a results oriented leader, he has demonstrated abilities in planning, business development, team building and producing bottom line results.  His style is founded on hard work, integrity and a commitment to do "the right thing." K&H welcomed Darren in 2014 to help with growth and product line and vertical market diversification.

Dave-Haines Dave Haines, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Dave has a keen understanding of the technological changes that are shaping the industry and the evolution necessary for K&H Clients to take advantage of those changes. He began his tenure with K&H in sales and progressed into management before strengthening his expertise in data management, systems networking and technology development. Dave is a 1978 graduate of Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Arts and has been employed with K&H since 1979.

Rob-Haines Rob Haines, Senior Vice President & Facilities Manager
Rob has overall responsibility for the facility and staff resources utilized to execute our stringent procedures and protocols. His expert mechanical and systems knowledge is utilized to assure staff readiness and reliability of production processes. Rob has been instrumental in developing many of our quality assurance systems and processes since his employment with K&H in 1968.


Brad Moorhouse Brad Moorhouse, Operations Manager
Brad started his career in the printing and mailing industry as a presort services / operations manager in 1995. His tenure with K&H began in sales and progressed into mailroom manager before strengthening his leadership position as Production Manager. Brad is responsible for managing communications between Commercial and Election Project Managers, scheduling, staff planning and managing daily production. Some of his achievements include; Pitney Bowes Mail Center Management Training, BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Certification NetSort Training, Mail Piece Design Professional (MDP) Certification, Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM) Certification and has as served a Board Member for Seattle Direct Marketing Association. Brad has been employed with K&H since 2000.

Linda Wilson-new Linda Wilson, Accounting Manager
Linda is responsible for managing administration, including overseeing all accounting functions and human resources management. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Central Washington University.  Linda has been employed with K&H since 1998.


Business Development


Phil-tie 108x126 Phil Bower, Business Development Manager
206.999.3296, pbower@khprint.com
Mr. Bower has been in the printing industry since 1987 and collected over 20 years of operational experience centered on engineering and manufacturing. Since his beginnings with K&H in 2006, he has been focused on business development for local and national accounts. Phil is a 1989 graduate of Mt. Hood Community College with a degree in graphic communication.