Full color commercial printing company K&H Print for printing and mailing firepower

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A K&H Tale

The printing for Schwartz Brothers Restaurants and Gretchen's was being done at several locations. The first thing we did was bring it all under one roof, so we could control the printing, quality and cost. When the economy went south and demand for "green" went up, we revamped their pieces and approach, cutting their costs by $12,000 a year and making the company more environmentally friendly.

Firepower and finesse for printing and mailing success

facilitySo that we can adhere to our core principles all printing and mailing is done in-house. That gives us complete control over quality, timing and security…for consistent, predictable results.

Our vast 70,000 square foot facility houses immense print and mail firepower. You might say at K&H we are craftsmen with one heck of a toolbox! With our equipment and expertise, we are capable of printing daily quantities of:

  • 5 million 8.5"x11" black only impressions 
  • 2.5 million digital black (Variable Data/Personalized Messaging)
  • 375,000 digital color (Variable Data/Personalized Messaging)

K&H is also one of the largest mailers in the Northwest. Our mailing services can handle over a million mailing packets per day!

As a renowned ballot printer, K&H emphasizes security and disaster recovery. Plant security includes employee keycards, a segregated and caged containment area, and 24-hour security staffing. Our disaster recovery plan includes redundant servers, daily off-line backups of all data kept at a separate site, power conditioners, UPS, and the retention of two iGen4 and two Xerox 6180 laser printers.

If you'd like to know more about our firepower and finesse, simply contact us to set up a tour.