Seattle printing company K&H Print is FSC certified, environmentally responsible


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K&H uses a number of different methods to help with environmental measures.

1. We have invested an average of $2 million per year in additional production equipment since 2005, thereby producing work faster, with less waste.
2. Our staff receives continuing education about paper, ink, data and other new technologies that support improved efficiencies and manufacturing effectiveness.
3. We are one of the largest manufacturers of printing in the Northwest. This has allowed us to partner and gain a competitive edge with our suppliers in order to find affordable green alternatives.
4. K&H runs every customer's mailing list through a process called NCOA which reduces the amount of mail sent to businesses and households that no longer reside at a given address.
5. We use soy-based inks in K&H's sheet fed department and UV ink technology in our web division. We also recycle all of our inks.
6. K&H utilizes energy efficient lighting resulting in a 67% reduction in kilowatt lighting use.
7. We recycle millions of pounds of paper annually.

K&H: Committed to a sustainable business for over a century

K&H is FSC certified. But even before green was golden, we were driven to use fewer resources to reduce waste and lower our customers' costs.

Lean manufacturing

K&H utilizes lean manufacturing practices. Lean practices mean lower costs and less waste. We are constantly working to improve the workflow of our printing, data and mailing operations, and to cut down the number of processes a project has to go through from start to finish. In direct mail, the engineering of a project is key. We try to find the solutions that make the most sense, like considering different sizes, folds and print formats to reduce postage. Even your list management can make your project more green as we clean up your list. It might shrink in size from 10,000 to 6,000 but at least then you know those 6,000 pieces will be delivered. Less waste, less wondering, more green.

Reduce and recycle

We manage our electricity to reduce our costs and therefore yours. And we've been recycling for over 50 years, long before it was fashionable. Quarterly we meet to review current plant manufacturing processes to identify problems and waste, so we can create a more efficient operation.


We've been in business for over a century and our employees stay with us for a very long time. In our minds, that longevity and commitment prove our approach is sustainable. And it's not just the environment that benefits from stewardship. Humanity does too.

A K&H Tale

We are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact, even when that means investing in expensive equipment to do so. For example, K&H purchased an EMT finishing machine. This piece of machinery has eliminated three steps in overall manufacturing. In the past when K&H was producing a ballot, the ballot would first need to be perforated on one machine, then trimmed and finally batched out in certain quantities for the counties. The EMT eliminated those extra steps: In one pass through the EMT, we can perforate in-line, finish trim, and batch in the quantities the counties specify, resulting in faster production.