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A K&H Tale

A valued client had been using the same presentation folders for 16 years, and collating the kits manually on their own. We re-engineered the piece to be a booklet and stopped doing the fancy foil stamping. Not only did that eliminate the manual labor required and lowered the costs, it increased the quality assurance and eliminated inaccuracy. We are solutions providers. That's why we didn't encourage them to continue with their expensive, labor-intensive folders. Instead we created a better-and less expensive-way.


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What drives K&H?

Integrity. Vision. Perseverance. Perfect & Timely.

Big words. Tall order. How do we make the integrity a reality? By doing what we say, with the vision and perseverance to achieve perfect and timely every single day.


We are relationship driven and enlist clients that share our dedication for perfect and timely. There's an exclusivity to our clientele as a result. But it works. When you've been around for over 100 years, you don't need to rush anything or any relationship.

We pay our sales people salaries, not commissions, because we are seeking a certain quality of customer, not quantity. And once you're a K&H customer, the whole company is working for you.

Admittedly, we're not for everybody. If we aren't a good fit, we'll tell you so. We do everything in-house. That means we can do perfect and timely, but it also means we don't do everything.

When you choose K&H, we will get your job done consistently and predictably every single time. The real challenge for us is getting that first order so we can prove ourselves. And when we do, we will make your job easier, while making you look good. You won't think twice about using us again.

Our pricing is competitive with like printers; there just aren't many printers like us. We are a Northwest company founded in 1908. During the past century, we've printed pretty much everything. And since K&H is a print and mailing technology leader, we'll be there in the future offering the best equipment and services for your data management, printing and mailing needs.

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